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Mosaic Threat Assessment Systems

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Gavin de Becker's Mosaic Threat Assessment Systems

Gavin de Becker is the author of "The Gift of Fear"

Gavin de Becker & Associates is a 250-member consulting firm that advises on the assessment and management of situations that might escalate to violence. Clients include government agencies, police departments, universities, large corporations, and at-risk individuals (media and public figures, government officials, etc.).

This online questionnaire can provide you with a very good indicator of the level of risk a partner or former partner poses to your safety.

Sometimes there are no previous physical attacks before a fatal one but in most instances there are patterns of behaviour that will give a good indication as to the potential danger. The questionnaire is designed to pick up on those indicators and warn of the real risks involved in leaving the abuser.

It is strongly advised for anyone who has a high risk score to seek help from the domestic violence services so that you can leave safely and stay safe after leaving.

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