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      Our Place Has Moved   09/30/2018

      Our Place has moved to a new location:      http://ourplaceonline.freeforums.net/forum  You will need to reregister at the new site as we are unable to transfer any content from here to there.   You will no longer be able to post here after 4th October, but the forum will remain visible until the end of October. If you are having problems registering at the new site, please admin.our.place@gmail.com                                                                                             
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Our Place Acronym List

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ATM = at the moment

BIL = brother in law

D = Daughter

DD = Darling Daughter

D8 = 8 year old daughter (or D and age of your choice)

DH = Dear/Darling Husband


DH = Richard Cranium

DS = Darling Son

ETA = Edited To Add

FOO = family of origin

IMO = In my opinion

IMHO = in my humble opinion

IOW = in other words

KWIM = Know what I mean

MIL = mother in law


PITA = Pain In the rear end

S = Son

S8 = 8 year old son (Or S and age of your choice)

SD = Step Daughter

SIL = sister in law

SO = significant other

SS = Step Son

STBX = soon to be ex

TY = Thank you

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