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O'Malley Signs Domestic Violence Legislation

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How interesting. That's my part of the world. In fact, I hang in Annapolis all the time.

And as a resident? I never heard a word about this until WJZ (local TV station) did a 20 second blurb about it.

This is the same county where I got my protective order against ex. There was a checkbox on the form that asked if he had weapons and another to check if I'd like them removed. So I checked "yes" and "yes" and filled in a description and voila, they removed all guns from his house.

It wasn't difficult. The only threshhold was that he had threatened me.

He pleaded "no contest" so it all automatically happened.

So to me, this is just a smoke and mirrors thing to make some organization or the governor LOOK good. It doesn't really change what was already in place but it reads nicely.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of murder-suicides, or children killed, or victims killed anyway. It doesn't require a gun....just the out of control compulsion to harm which the abuser posesses. The method then becomes kind of unimportant. And I don't know how to solve that one.

But it seems wayyyyyyyyy more prevalent lately....abusers who are left or threatened to be left retaliating with harming/killing kids or significant others.

My ex was never physically abusive until I told him I was leaving. Then he started blocking my car in, hiding telephones, etc. And it wasn't until 9 months AFTER I left that he hit me. Because I left him, he will spend the rest of his life finding every possible opportunity to dig, harm, get back, etc. Period. There is no solving that. It doesn't matter if I gave him a million dollars. He would still scream so all could hear how horrible I am. He cannot live with the fact that someone didn't want him. That's all it comes down to.

Anyway, I ramble. I just hope this new law does put some bite into the law enforcement's ability to keep people safe. But I don't really see it happening.

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