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So Pissed so hurt

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IM so tired of this bull. So tired of him pretending to be such a great person. He says he's taken responsibility for his actions. bulldust. Says he wants to change. Bulls hit.  He's still drinking and cannot see the connection between the alcohol and his abuse. Cannot see the damage he has done. Cannot see that exposing his kids to violence, hatred and abuse will send them down a path of suffering. He can't even see that he's exposed them to this by his words. If he could possibly look at himself he'd be the first to say what a piece of crap he is. What sort of man physically assaults a pregnant woman. What sort of man abuses children, abuses a child that has disabilities. What sort of man attacks a man of 75 while he is in his 30 and more than twice his size. What sort of man refuses to support his family, has them living in squatters housing with young children as a choice!? What sort of man says he doesn't give a f word about his newborn baby. I just want cry I want to scream. The man I chose wasn't like that. He was the type of man who put his kids first, worked hard for them and would go to the moon and back again for his family. Why did he have to choose me if he knew that wasn't him. Why did he hate me so much. Why did he tear me apart. I was a good person. Why couldn't he see that. Why couldn't he appreciate it. How do I raise my babies knowing their father is a pos, without them getting hurt or being influenced by him. My heart breaks when I look at my baby girl and know the words he said. Know that for his own sake he would've put her life in jeopardy and not give a stuff. How do I assure my babies that daddy loves them when he doesn't give a stuff about the life he bestows upon them. What if he convinces people with his mask again and ànd gets the access he wants 65/35%. Who will get hurt and how bad will it be the next time the mask comes off.

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