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Laws of Destiny

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Written By: KR



Laws of Destiny

Part One:


She walked into the night, her heart beating in the silent still of the woods.  Snow drifts fall like weightless diamonds to the ground.  The world is hushed and doesn’t make a sound in the cold air of the dark.  

Soft fingers graze the bark of the smooth birch trees, standing lone and stark against the backdrop of night.  Silent thoughts play quietly in her mind as her eyes turn upward to a starlit sky.  As she watched, her breath coming out in frosty tendrils of smoke, the night sky suddenly grew brighter; and as she watched, she saw a single star fall, she closed her eyes quickly and made a wish.

“Starlight, star bright, on this star I wish tonight, show me the world I so seek; as I pray to find the other side of me.”

Slowly opening her eyes, she once again gazed at the heaven’s above and as she did so, she watched as another star fell, then another.  Suddenly the night sky was lit with shooting stars as they left stardust in their wake.  

She started to run, her dark green cape flapping behind her as she ran.  Through the woods, the glowing trees lighting her way; she climb higher until she reach the edge of the forest where a sheer cliff jutted out over the side; the highest point of this country side.  

As she stood upon the frozen ground watching as the stars fell in ever glowing splendor, she felt a stirring deep within.  She looked down to find that where her heart beat deeply in her chest, was a light, a brilliance of blinding white and blue.  Her hands went to her chest and the light slowly consumed, her hands shining like that of the falling stars, slowly taking a step back and then another she watched as she was consumed.  Another step backward then another and suddenly ground gave away to air and for a moment she was suspended in time.

Her mouth in an “O” of surprise as she suddenly burst into a thousand points of light and the sky that once was all aglow, now void of stars as she plunged to the frozen river below.  

Falling through space, she hit the black glassy surface of the water and sank deeper within, still shattering white light all around as her vision faded to black.

Opening her eyes, she found she was not within the river into which she fell, she was falling into the sky, her essence becoming every light the sky once held.  

Her once flaming red hair now incandescent white as she burn brighter than any sun.  She was transforming and racing toward the unknown.  Frightened but intrigued as to what was happening to her.  

Suddenly she started to spin out of control with grace and beauty that had never been foretold.  A supernova in the making, of a once dying star, collapsing in on itself.  

Time is bottled and the grains within no longer moving, only suspended in time. She is sending out a searchlight along latitudes and satellites, as she flies past Jupiter and all it’s moons.  

In this silent transformation she hears every word he is thinking, like a far away shimmering distant star; as she struggles to recall the song of old; like that of the siren to the sea. She graces this new world so delicately.  Who ever thought love could travel this far?

A burning, a yearning, an emotion so deep, she cannot hide what she has known all along deep inside.  

All of the secret codes and battleships, fought along the way, who ever thought life could be this way?

In the distance she see a light, a burning red hot flame, shifting in the dark of space, and a tear escapes, from emerald eyes that have now transformed into something unworldly.

Glowing brighter, deeper, the burning is screaming her name as she flies through this plane.  

Somewhere far behind in the world down below, lays a body that now grows so cold.


Where she goes, only she knows.


To be continued…


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