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The Little Book of Self Love

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Hey all :-)

I have been busy lately and have released a new book called The Little Book of Self Love.

https://goo.gl/rRLJWZ (US Amazon)

https://goo.gl/IIAWnX (UK Amazon)

https://goo.gl/BOhbxO (AU Amazon)

https://goo.gl/qhtCHa (CA Amazon)

I thought it would be an awesome idea to create a book on how to help people who have been emotionally hurt, abused or simply need a confidence boost.  I'm a great believer in using affirmations to banish negative thoughts, which are especially prevalent for those of us who have experienced abusive relationships.  I'm also a designer, so used my skills to create some pretty cool picture affirmations.

This little book of love is filled with beautifully created pictures of positive affirmations, and a guide detailing on how to use affirmations.  You can also create your own, relevant to your specific situation.  Remember, if you can repeat it and see it, then you can be it!  

If you would like to feel better about yourself, your life, future and relationships or need emotional healing, then this book will help you love yourself again. Download the graphics and use them as your you wish, or flick through them to remind yourself just how incredible you are.

I have attached an example of one of the affirmations in my book!

Best wishes


P.S.  Please remember that abuse is never your fault.


I will create healthy boundaries.jpg

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