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Quality > Quantity

The real world vs. social media...

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Quality > Quantity

Why the heck are people so obsessed with Facebook and other popular types of social media? I honestly feel jealous and rather bored with looking at the accomplishments or life events of the people that go on Facebook and Twitter. Even forums aren't that hot nowadays. Nobody even talks to me on Facebook apart from the odd nice person saying to keep my chin up. I get more replies on Twitter, but I hate the character limit thing. And most of my 'friends' and followers on these sites are people I've never even met.

I'm trying to get work as an extra in films. Feature films, short films, student films. Whatever. But I'm not really fond of going alone. This has caused me to miss a lot of things this year which I really regret now. Plus, I'm trying to get support set up again, but it's been a total pain doing so.

I feel very bored. But I know logging onto social media just makes me envy what others have. I'm tired of it, quite frankly. I'm not the most attractive guy on the planet, so dating is out of the question. The only "girlfriend" I went out with was a slag who scammed me. Since I have no social life beyond screens, and I have anxiety, I find my life is incredibly dull. I'd tackle it, if it wasn't for my anxiety having a grip on me.

I'm thin, and I have to wear glasses. Women do not care about me, and neither does anybody else. Whenever I do meet people, they're okay towards me for just like that one day, then they don't want to know me at all. Facebook just makes me feel lonely, and depressed. It's the same year after year too. At least Facebook is good for uploading short videos, but I think there is a glitch on Google Chrome which cuts out the last second of a video. 

Unfortunately, I've just never really had any real friends except a few, but they're outcasts like me, so I don't exactly feel ordinary at times. I'm not trying to offend my friends, because then I may sound ungrateful. It's just that I would like to be part of the mainstream, but I'm way too socially inept.

Share your thoughts on social media.

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Quality > Quanity

I have mixed feelings about sites as facebook. I like to see what other people look like and what they are doing. This is partly because I am curious and I want to see if others are like me and live like me.  I also enjoy seeing pictures of my grandchild.  I too, sometimes feel jealous, but I try not to be, and try to be happy for them. Some of them have a good life and some just post like they do. I think that relationships are one of the most difficult things to deal with in life. I think it helps to have a general understanding of why people do and feel the way they do. When I go on a site, I know that they are only showing me what they want to. I think social sites can have both good and bad about them. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all of the information that is posted and only look at some of it.

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Using Facebook for Aspies

  • Social Policy Manager: Determine how you want to portray yourself. Set what you want to share and what you do not want to share, at the level of your friends, friends of friends, your network and the whole world. Determine what kind of friends you like and what kind you don't like. Then implement these settings into your real life. Model your real life social activity and policies based on what you have set in Facebook.
  • Experiment with Socialization: Facebook offers you a simplified version of actual social interaction between people. Experiment with your new social strategies with your Facebook account first, then implement it in real life.
  • Collect Social Intelligence: Facebook can provide the information that we can use to initiate conversations. We can also use Facebook to substitute for some real life socialization, for instance, to comment on our friends' developments and to inform them about our updates.
  • Learn from other people: Study the Facebook profiles of your friends and see how they interact with their friends (including what photos they choose to share). This can provide invaluable social insights.
  • Find valuable contacts: Many people use Facebook to find new employees, interns, volunteers etc. Showcase your achievements, projects, resume and dreams on your profile and you might catch someone's eye.
  • Avoid chatting: Online chatting is highly distracting to people like yourself, who have difficulty with multi-tasking. Focus on posting photos, writing articles and contributing comments.
  • Stay away from Games: They are designed to make you addicted. There are many more important things to do in Life than play such games all day.


A few years ago, I believed that social networking sites were nuisances which I was forced to join when too many friends send me invitations. I later realized that:

  • With photos and names listed explicitly, I can keep track of my friends even when I have trouble with names and faces.
  • All the background information of my friends are available for me to reference.
  • Friends provide updates with which I can use as a context to reestablish contact with them where necessary.
  • All my online communications are recorded and available for me to plan my next social exchange.
  • Social exchanges in real life are simplified and emulated on Facebook. For instance, pokes can be likened to a brief touch on the shoulder.
  • Unlike in real life, I can maintain total control of the impression I create via my own profile and what I choose to share.

Contrary to my previously mistaken views, Facebook is not meant to share information about personal developments or conduct debates on technical topics. Using Facebook merely to conduct social research or simplify social interactions only utilizes 30% of its potential. Most people use Facebook to supplement their social life and image. Facebook can help project a positive image to attract like-minded friends, romantic partners, and even potential employers or business partners. It is the online equivalent of the clothes and accessories that we wear.

Hope this article helps...

I use it to keep in touch and remember birthdays! 

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Breno Cardoso Barbosa

We just have a different types or taste. Maybe to some people it's very entertaining to see what people do. :)

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