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Remembering My Father

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My father's name was Sam. Samuel. Really Salvatore.

My father was a riot. so much fun and so loving. He was a rock. I had a close relationship with my father until the end.

My father was a rather colorful character and he was born in 1913. My father grew up during the early 20's and was a walking book of history in the country *USA for anyone who is not from the United States.

He witnessed the Wars. Knew about snake oil salesmen, Al Capone and The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, saw the first airplanes, saw the first cars, and he just was a joy to be around and witty and funny, yet quiet and shy. I loved my father.

He used to say that he wanted to sit down one day and write his memoirs but he never got the chance to do it so when he died on Christmas morning, December 25, 2002, I started my own website and wrote those memoirs for him

It was up for quite a while and people who read it found it both funny and sad, and entertaining. They told me they would laugh and cry at the same time.

My mother always tells me "your father was a card." And he was so talented too. He could sing and draw and do impression. He had a great sense of humor.

It is something I would like to share with anyone who wants to read because I think it is good for us to get away from everything that is going on in our lives and think of a man that was just that: A Man. He was a great joy to be around. Talk the clouds away and make the sunshine no matter how bad things got he always proved his strength and made it through.

I would like to remember him and share with you things that my father said no matter how silly and things he did no matter how outrageous and if he's up there looking down I know he's enjoying getting a kick out of this.

So when you have time, please take some time to sit back and remember the early 1900's and to date, he would be 103. He died at 89. Used to say he was going to be like "George Burns and live to be 100" He didn't quite accomplish that but in his 89 years he had a story to tell.


Vampy doll

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Thanks for sharing. That is terrific that you had such a wonderful father.

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