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Too Young to Die

Who Am I?

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Too Young to Die

I am broken

You did this to me

No, I did this to myself

I let myself stay.

Couldn't you see

I suppose not

Considering where we are

We both let it go.

Needing us I am

Wishing things to change

Or am I just naive

To hope for such things.

Alone is how I feel

Naturally it seems to come

For so long I felt bottled up

Contained and hidden.

Please, this isn't right

Let us see the light

I'm losing myself still

Even now I feel distant.

Staring at myself

Through the shattered mirror

Wondering how I kept going

Is the end near?

No, it will always follow

Sticking close by

Something you wish to outrun

Knowing that it is forever.

My tears fall like rain

Only on certain days

I try to look for happiness

Without luck of finding it.

I feel alone.

I feel gone.

I feel lost.

I feel numb.

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To Young to Die you did not do this to yourself. Leaving is not an easy thing even when you do recognise what you are dealing with.

Abuse is not a joint choice. Abuse is a choice a damaged person makes in order to gain power and control over another. Abuse is the choice of the abuser and not the choice of their target. Abuse is totally about the abuser and how they feel about themselves and the world around them and the people in it. Abuse is not about the target at all.

Healing will come if you seek it and accept that part of the healing may involve allowing yourself to relive some of the pain.

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