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After Trauma symptoms/PTSD

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Hi all,

I have had post traumatic stress disorder symptoms since I escaped the DV. The symptoms include feelings of being spaced out/"out of sync", numbness all over my body and hyper vigilence. The symptoms come and go, more severe at times and sometimes I don't feel human, I question who I am (though I am able to ignore this feeling to some extent, I feel it may be an identitity crisis as I had to change myself soo much in order to prevent being beaten or killed). The most disturbing thing for me is not being able to go to the shops or walk in open spaces for fear of falling over (though, I'm not that worried about the falling over itself, I mean if I fall over I can get back up again right?, its the feeling associated with it...kind of like waves (simillar to the feeling of falling in your sleep and then you wake up)...but I never actually fall over!

Has anybody else experienced this? how did/do you overcome it? is it all in my control? how can I push past it?


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Hi Babydoll,

Firstly just a suggestion....that you post in the main forum of this site, more people will see your posts in the main forum and therefore you will get more responses.

What you describe sounds like the symptoms of panic disorder rather than PTSD, the "feeling" you mention "kind of like waves" is a panic attack. Below are some of the symptoms of panic disorder, from the BeyondBlue website, that seem to agree with the symptoms you have described:

- dizzy, lightheaded or faint

- numb or tingly

- derealisation (feelings of unreality) or depersonalization (feeling detached from yourself or your surroundings)

You can find out more about panic disorder at BeyondBlue. Have a read and see what you think.

There are treatments for panic disorder but as a first step, its probably best to talk to a doctor about your symptoms and get a correct diagnosis.

Hope this helps

Bounce :cheeky-smiley-005:

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Thanks Bounce, I have started this thread up in the main forum now.

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