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Found 3 results

  1. Powerful. https://blogs.psychcentral.com/relationships/2016/03/what-it-means-when-a-narcissist-says-i-love-you/ "I love that you keep telling me how much I hurt you, not knowing that, to me, this is like a free marketing report. It lets me know how effective my tactics have been to keep you in pain, focused on alleviating my pain — so that I am ever the winner in this competition — ensuring that you never weaken (control) me with your love- and emotional-closeness stuff." Except for the cheating, this perfectly describes the man with whom I wasted the last 18 months of my life. I was his ongoing experiment. He tested my boundaries and progressively trampled them every waking moment. He was seeing just how far he could push me before he had to yank me back, comfort me, and promise to never do it again... right before doing it twofold. In his own words (projecting), "Thanks [] it's been hell."
  2. This fits absolutely for mine at least. I used to wonder why the narcissist and sociopath were so close but seemed to not describe him. This is a description of (edited) Bipolar Borderline personality disorder which is like every description I've written of him and most of the ones I've seen on here. I'm still trapped in the guilt trap and I'm still to lazy/scared/guilt riddled to tell him to take a hike at the holidays. Crap I'm sick of being stuck and I need out. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/11/29/1251025/-Borderline-Personality-Disorder-Heroic-Martyr-or-Emotional-Vampire
  3. My mother is emotionally abusive. It has been ongoing since childhood. I've always known it was her problem not mine though there are emotional scars. I found out recently after being sent to a web site for information that she is a narcissist. I am an adult with disabilities on Social Security Disability. I stay in my part of the house and only speak to her in public places because she prefers to look good in front of others. So far so good, her abuse has lessened some. But there's a new issue, more serious issue. She is triggering anaphylaxis because she is unwilling to stop bringing the food I'm allergic to into the house. I .contacted a local abuse group but it was Friday evening so I doubt I will hear back before Monday. I am scared and frustrated. I have animals and fear her retaliation against them if I leave them behind. I have no resources to move. D