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  1. CHLOE.......IT WAS EXPLAINING WHY I WAS DELTING POSTS. THAT WAS THE QUESTION EVERYONE WAS ASKING AND WHY PEOPLE WERE ANGRY AT ME. And if there is anyone here who keeps hopping around from A to B, it's all of you. One minute you are calling me nasty and manipulative and the the next your are saying you are supporting me and trying to understand. BULLSH !T
  2. Forget it. This is not the site for me. You guys are saying that i have to be calm and collected and say the right things in order for you to support me. Well you ain't gonna get that from me. Oh and i would rather be hopping around like a jumping bean than calling a victim of abuse 'manipulative'. YOU HAVE NO HEART. Go back to your friends on this board who are obviously more like you and what you want. I'm done.
  3. Oh and joansdaughter...... have you even noticed that your last thread about your supposedly nasty husband has almost the same topic as the one put for me???????? You have basically connected me with your H in that we are both manipulative and playing games. WTF???????????? I am getting the sh!t kicked out of me the way you are and you dare to f* cking compare me to him?????? Ok. So you have free will to say what you want. Man, it's no wonder some people never bothered coming back to this place. You guys are messed up with the cr@p you're going through but you are supposed to have more empathy too than the average person on the street. But you know what......maybe i am psycho like your H. MAYBE THAT"S WHY I F* CKING DESERVE WHEN I GET THE THREATENED TO GET MY EYES CUT OUT WITH A KNIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Look, i don't want to post here anymore. You all seem to get on fine without me anyhow. Quad is so right. I wrote a post up this morning EXPLAINING why i deleted my threads but those that replied didn't seem to even bother reading my post properley. So what's the point. I have posted and have been told simply to LEAVE HIM. And then the other day i get a kind message from someone saying "wha wha wha" which i can only understand to mean that i am WHINGING and am CRYING.... So no.....to put your minds at ease. I WILL NOT BE POSTING MY OWN THREADS ANY LONGER. You are suposed to support me with whatever decisions i make or however confused my answers are but obviously you choose to leave me alone like you said you NEVER would. Also, how come some of you ladies out there are so quick to tell me to leave my relationship when YOU ARE STILL IN YOURS. And you dare to be angry at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sounds like hypocrisy to me. Some people on here have been really nice and SUPPORTIVE to me the whole time i have been coming here. Others have turned their back on me because they don't like my answers. Well, i certainly won't be recommending this site to any poor woman caught in the CYCLE OF VIOLENCE.
  5. (((((((((((TooLong))))))))))
  6. (((((((Kunstnik))))))))
  7. ((((((((PeachPapoose)))))))
  8. (((((((((((jayz)))))))))))
  9. ((((((lis))))))
  10. how do i delete a topic i started?
  11. (((((((((Jayz))))))))))))) Gone Quiet
  12. (((((((Tenderhearted)))))))) I am so sorry that you got offended by what some people had written to you. I have also had some comments that hurt me too so i know how you feel. People should listen to what you are asking you need and then help you with that rather than just tell you what you need to do or should have done. All of us are in slightly different situations and the harshest solution is not always the best especially for us who are going to bear the brunt the hardest out of everyone. Tenderhearted, please don't leave this board. Believe me, if you stay you will get all the really strong beautiful comments that are going to help you and give you strength and support. I almost left the board too but i didn't because in the end i really find it helpful to be able to just come on here and type away all that is in my head and heart and so the comments are helpful but writing is the key to thinking your thoughts through for yourself and getting it out in the open. Please know that people here really care about you and know that you don't want the police involved. Neither do i. Hugs Gone Quiet
  13. Hey ((((((Kunstnik))))))))) You know what? You and me are EXACTLY the same, well except that right now i am not really hoping he will leave me. But he said to me the other day, "You're not going to be able to leave me so it looks like if we are going to break up i'm going to have to be the one to do it." I was like Yeah...i've tried like a million times and i can't seem to do it, so it's in his court. He's the one now who has to make the decision and actually do the hard part, not me anymore. Believe me K....i know the way you are feeling...i really do....(.let them feel the guilt of leaving if that's what they want ) GQ
  14. OMG (((((((Toolong))))))) THIS SOUNDS LIKE MY PARTNER.......... HE TORTURES LIKE THAT TOO.......... I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL................ Gone quiet
  15. jd i know i can't help answer your question but i thought i might tell you that i have been more agressive than i ever have in my entire life. I think that being in an abusive situation makes you so tense that you react like that even when you don't mean to. I don't mean to say i actually hurt anybody, but towards him i am more rough to protect myself. In your situation with the young boy, i think your reaction came from deep down hurt and pain from your abuse and you are all your own to cope with that. You are doing the best you can - i can see that. That is why you wrote this question up here. Because you feel bad and want to be better. You sound like a really nice person and you shouldn't worry too much or feel bad about it. Hugs GQ