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  1. I'm not Aussie, don't worry about it. ?
  2. Thanks everyone. His stepdad doesn't really like him I mean he does because it's his stepson but he's never been a real father to him, I'm curious to know what he thinks of the whole situation. It's hard because his mom has always helped us whenever we needed something and I was upset that she was mad at me for calling the cops on him and kicking him out and blah blah blah. Since she was physically abused for many years I thought she would have been there for me. But whatever I can't change what she thinks, I told her he's an A-hole and doesn't deserve a family. I have finally moved into a new apartment, tomorrow is my last day to move everything and I'm so excited. I have to go through everything over the next few weeks and decide what my husband will keep and what I'll sell in a yard sale. I don't plan on telling anyone he talks to that I've moved I will give him a chance to take what I leave for him at our old apartment and after that he won't have any idea where I've moved to. I have a few questions though... I haven't gotten a protection order against him and I don't really plan to. I know he's not going to come after me, so I'm not too worried about that. I got a letter in the mail that since I was requesting childcare assistance (well updating information for them since my husband left and I'm moving) that I needed to give them his information so he can pay child support. Do I have to? We've been doing good so far on staying on schedule, I have my son 4 days a week since he goes to daycare twice a week when he's with me and he's with me on my 2 days off. Then he stays with my husband and grandma for 3 days. We're not having any problems with that schedule since my husband isn't able to work full time he can only 3-4 days a week which should be the days our son stays with me. They buy his diapers and whatever else he needs there so I don't have to provide them with anything, I keep what I buy and they keep what they buy for my son. I don't really think I need child support. I'm not sure what to do now about anything... I've just been going on with my life working full time and having my son 4 days a week.
  3. I'm adding some pictures on the next post. I picked up my son last night at 9pm expecting him to have had dinner already because he has to be at daycare at 5:45am and and I have to be at work at 6;15 am. So I was expecting to get home right away and going to sleep. His grandma (my husbands mom) gave me some food and I asked her if he had dinner yet, she said no which is why she gave me the food. Of course I'm upset about this. My husband isn't working at the moment and I wasn't planning on having my son this week at all. So I was supposed to be at work at 5am, and I told grandma since Saturday (when I last dropped off my son) that I needed to know if my husband would drop off my son at daycare on the 2 days a week he goes which would mean he has to wake up at 5:30am to take him, which of course he couldn't do because he's so busy with work and after work activities (much like myself). ? I had to sleep late because my son had to eat dinner LATE, I went to work late because I unexpectedly had to have my son with me and take him to daycare because his lazy donkey unemployed father doesn't want to wake up to take him. Then I tell grandma that my son needs to have dinner at or before 7pm and bedtime is at 9pm, which of course she got upset about. She literally gets upset every time I tell her something, she always has and never failed to mention it to my husband in their own language even in front of me.
  4. Thanks sunshine, I'll try to look for something at the library.
  5. It's been a full week already. I hate not having him here in our home because of course we had our good times and I miss that. All I think about is how if I end it now we won't have anymore happy moments and we'll always be fighting about having our son. Our son is sad and asks a lot about daddy and it gets so quiet here without him. He was very loud and noisy when he was happy. Anyway, I'm moving soon to new apartment with just my son. The police officer said they would most likely have him take anger management classes. Would that help at all?
  6. I meant to say that this is the first time he's ever physically hurt me. Yet everyone seems to think I overreacted, that I had no reason to call the police. His mom was seriously abused as he was growing up and out of his 3 brothers, he saw most of it. She left the country and came to the US and met her husband, and they went for the 2 older kids a few years later and then back for the youngest maybe 5 years ago? So that whole time my husband and his brothers were with their abusive, drunk dad. His mom is more mad at me than anyone, I thought of all the people she would understand what I'm going through and sympathize except she won't ever do anything to go against her son. Whenever he spoke to her about our issues she, his mother, told us to not get her involved. I want her to see that she did nothing to stop this from happening and doesn't even want to accept who he is. My husband told me stories about his ex gf and obviously his mom knew too yet he and she still seems to think that behavior is ok, like they justify her cheating with him being abusive to her. He moved back in with his mom, after she often told me that she doesn't want him living there if I ever kicked him out (I've told him to leave several times before this because I hate how he behaves and has tantrums all the time), and of course she said she doesn't want him living there because of how he acts. Which he's usually better around his family but still gets mad easily and they find that annoying. I often think that if my son ever acted like this with any girl he dated he would regret that, so I don't see why my husbands mom is defending him knowing how bad it can get.
  7. I'm new here and just need someone to talk to about what's going on. My my husband have been together for 4 years, he's not physically abusive, he is emotionally and mentally abusive. He started insulting me a lot after our son was born a year after we met, all because I'm shy, quiet, introvert and I don't like people. He hated that I couldn't open up to him and I had nothing to talk about. He had an ex gf that had been cheating on him most of he 3 years they were dating, and he told me about all the times he tried to hurt her and he ended up destroying a lot of their things. We started having small arguments, which happened like once a month or every few months. Than it started happening once a week and then almost every single day. I myself have anger issues, I know that and I control myself and best as I can, but still I have never hurt him, I have never destroyed anything of husband because I was mad. Him on the other hand, he gets mad about anything and everything. I wake him up in the mornings to go to work and he gets mad, I ask him about something and he gets mad. It's freaking ridiculous and then once he's mad he won't leave our apartment and when I'm talking to our son he comes back and asks me why I'm still talking about whatever it is he said mad about even when I'm not talking to him or about whatever he's mad about. His mom told me that I like starting these arguments, and I like making people mad. Whatever. It's not my fault he's so volatile, and has a very short fuse. He likes to destroy things when he's mad, he's broken dishes, my cell phones and other small things and threatened to break everything that I paid for myself which is almost everything because I'm the only one working full time. So last week I woke up and my husband because we had to go to work and drop our son off at daycare too, he got mad because I asked him something and then refused to take us. So I went back to sleep and woke up a few hours later and again asked him to take me and he got mad again (he was actually still mad) after which I got some stuff in a backpack because I was going to go to the nearby park and tried to take my son with me and the phone and he pulled my son away from, and started carrying me and pushing me against the walls and threw me on the bed. That was the most abusive he's ever been to me, he bit me and I kept trying to break free so I was trying to bite, kick, or hit him. When he finally let me go I ran outside without my son (knowing he wouldn't hurt him) and tried to get ahold of some family that came over a few hours later and I called the cops. He was arrested and were told there's no conact now. I've been messaging his mom about our sons schedule, and she keeps saying a lot of crap. I want to tell her that I won't talk to her anymore but I can't talk directly to my husband and I don't want to get my family involved to talk to him. His family is mad at me for calling the police, they're mad that he had to stay in jail and now we have to go to court? I'm not sure about that... I still miss him though. He has anger issues and I know that he's mad right now about what happened but it's fault if he knew how to control himself and wouldn't get angry about everything we wouldn't be having these problems. But he's mad, his mom is only fueling the fire instead of making him see that he obviously has a problem that was present long before he met me. I don't want to lose him, but I don't want him to stay the same.