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  1. I love it too 😂😂
  2. So yesterday I'm talking to a close friend and she tells me HE called her and another close friend and left them messages about wanting them to help an addict in the that HE is helping. I knew the only reason he called them was so I'd hear about all of this. Anyways, I ended up texting him and asking for three meetings a week that I can go to for the sake of my sobriety. fisrt he says oh well we'd have to sit and talk about that. The reason he said this was because said I'm still having a lot of difficult feelings about everything. So that is all he saw and figured we should talk about it. When I didn't respond as he thought I should he says oh I reread your text and I'm not going tonight nor the other days. End of story. go to the meeting. this morning there is this big long text about he didn't understand the text from yesterday and how I must look around my house and think of all the things he did for me because he treated me so badly and he promises to stay away from those meeting if it's going to traumatized and wound me so much to see him blah blah blah blah. i answered him back and the short version is give me space to heal and it's A.A101 that when relationships end people go to different meetings for awhile to process and heal. what a d$&k!!!!!
  3. I actually got an email from someone who is a member of those meetings thanking me for asking him to give me those so as she put it "There will be a safe place for people to be as long as he respects my boundaries". That shows how badly he was acting out.
  4. He hasn't no credibility with those people at those meetings. He screwed himself.
  5. 🙁☹ī¸ mine gave me his whole intinerary in this very sarcastic way and said he'd be happy to bow out if it was going to be too traumatizing for me to see him. Jerk. The meetings I did ask for he gladly said yes as he behaved so badly at them after we broke up (Mr 40 years sober) that they wanted to get a restraining order on him. And he blamed the meetings said how bad they were instead of his psychotic behaviour.
  6. Mine would create situations which pitted a lot of people against me and or us and he would bash my family. To the point I stopped taking him around my family because afraid he would lash over some ridiculous political discussion. Hed also start these ridiculous political debates with people who were my friends knowing full well no one would agree with him and then it would turn into Im not going out for supper again with them you can go but I'm not going. And if the Democrats win the election I'm never speaking to so and so again. WTF????? How is that normal??? So I was changing a lot of what I would normally do because I was worried about his reactions.
  7. I realized this morning how much of myself I had to change to accommodate that relationship.
  8. And also I realized something this morning, he was isolating me from people by causing conflict with them, by talking badly about them. I realized that this morning. And he has the attitude like I'm making a big deal over nothing and why don't I just drop it and go back to him.
  9. Knowing the "Good Spell" has an expiry date on it.
  10. I think I originally put this on the wrong spot because I'm on my phone now. The weird thing is these exchanges make me want to go back to him.
  11. And I'm not really sure why these unfortunate exchanges make me want to go back to him.

  12. The only contact was the texts on the weekend in four months and that's enough for four more months! its a lot of Talk Salad and weird,twisty stuff.
  13. Yes he is holding me hostage with it.
  14. So I have to go to other meetings then?
  15. And in that sick,twisted way it makes me want to talk to him MORE!
  16. Is it normal to have regrets and miss them?
  17. Yes I had lots of crumbs.
  18. Yes. I'm finding that a bit difficult recently.
  19. I did hear through the Grapevine that he's hanging out with some Addict 30 years younger than him. I wonder why people like to tell you these things....
  20. Now that the weather is nice and I'm hearing motorcycles go by I'm really finding it sad and difficult. Hopefully he'll do something jerky....
  21. Make a plan and go. He's so dangerously abusive.
  22. One thing my ex did was portray himself as being different from other people I'd went out with. Turns out not much difference.
  23. Now that I've been away from the Pr$&k for 10 weeks I see things a little more clearly. Hes so insecure that he was willing to toss me aside so he could get to that next fix for his ego. He doesn't care that he hurts people, that our relationship was in jeopardy and finally ended because of his insane hunger for validation from others. Now all I have to do is keep reminding myself that I was more than enough of a person, that it's ALL HIS PROBLEM.
  24. Today was a relapse about the ex wondering if I could have said or done anything different. If we could have fixed it. Just General rolling around in my head and feeling like it's a death and feeling in mourning. in mourning.
  25. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the replies. Well a few weeks have gone by since posting this and I want to bring everyone up to date. Ive started going back to my A.A meetings as I found out he's gone off to his other life in Arizona......... Anyways I was regaled with glad you are back and glad to see you and also regaled with stories of his temper tantrums at meetings and that one meeting was thinking of getting a restraining order on him so he couldn't go anymore. I was rather shocked to hear that he had behaved so inappropriately but also rather amused and delighted 😂😂. I wasn't around he couldn't pin anything on me. I figure he didn't have his punching bag anymore (me) so he had to disperse his rage somehow so he took it out on anyone he could.