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  1. Confusion is a tool to keep you off balance so you can't make a decision.
  2. Have you gotten Why Does He Do That in THE Minds of Angry and Controlling Men?
  3. 👍👍
  4. Why are you ashamed?
  5. đŸ˜Ĩ☚ī¸
  6. Unfortunately unless they get a brain transplant, go into intensive abuser therapy and are willing to work hard at it, nothing changes.
  7. So sorry this has happened. You are NOT NOT NOT NOT responsible.
  8. 👍👍👍
  9. I actually am getting a lot of understanding out of the book as to how they work. Its rather humorous.
  10. I'm reading Revenge How to Beat the Narcissist. It's good, getting lots of pointers. Ha ha ha ha
  11. They are just a bunch of mental cases.
  12. I used to wonder why the ex seemed to delight in getting people angry at him and now I know that they thrive on negative attention as well as positive attention.
  13. The Moron has an arrangement with his wife that He Do his thing but that ultimately he will go back to her in the end. I live here in Canada and she lives in Arizona along with this "son" who is 50 years old and never got over their divorce that's why he could never meet me (morons words).It's really all an arrangement. This all came to me yesterday. FINALLY I know the truth.
  14. How will it get better? When will it get better?
  15. Why Does He Do That in the minds of angry and controlling me by Lundy Bancroft. Im sure you'll see your wife in there even though it's about male abusers. The Wheel of Abuse on the Internet. You'll see the cycle.
  16. Not his words.
  17. Seven Things a Narcissist will say to get you back. I watched it this morning. They are so predictable.
  18. Might be.......
  19. Ugh. So apparently ex has an "arrangement" with his supposed ex wife and I was the used pawn in it for his sideline pleasure. It all so makes sense now.
  20. From sending him raging text messages. I so want to lambaste him today and tell him what a pr$&k he is.
  21. He uses all these tools to manipulate,lie,deceive,control. Hes just such a fake.
  22. In A.A we say feelings are feelings and facts are facts. Well I have the feeling I was screwed over and it's a fact that I was screwed over.
  23. Why Does He Do That, In The Minds of Angry and Controlling Men. By Lundy Bancroft As soon as Instarted that book the ex started losing ground big time.
  24. It's not even about what he says although I can just imagine. I actually have never heard anything about what he's saying, I've heard about everything else he's doing though. Its about I'm so angry, I feel I was screwed over for 5.5 years,that everything was a total lie and scam.