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  1. Six months later????? Ridiculous. I got this heart wrenching letter from him six months ago that he wants to help me Boo Hoo Boo Hoo with a bunch of cheques which I happily cashed. Now this month of August suddenly nothing. But I have a cell phone charger and my liner to my motorcycle jacket back 😂😂😂😂
  2. Celexa and Clonazepam.
  3. He showed up tonight at my house, I was comfortably in bed watching Netflix and I heard a motorcycle pull up. I got up and went to the window in the dark and looked out. And it was him. I didn't go to the door and he lingered for a couple of minutes then left. I went down to see what was at the door and it was my cell phone charger and the liner to my motorcycle jacket. 😕😕
  4. After he had a huge meltdown,turning black,veins popping out on his neck I packed EVERYTHING and walked out. No explanation needed. I wanted to get away from him as quickly and smoothly as possible. But I don't have kids with him nor were we married.
  5. It takes time. Be patient.
  6. You are stressed and anxious because being with an abuser is crazy making.
  7. That's abuse plain and simple.
  8. Even when they are nice it's still part of the abuse process. With my ex it was like he was playing a card game, he store up information about my likes and dislikes and when it suited him in some manipulation he'd use some of that information in such a way to manipulate a situation, whether it was to be mean or be nice it was always a manipulation. Nothing was sincere or real.
  9. Yes I agree with everything said and it's also been my experience too. And another thing they also will withhold things from you too which is designed to make you stay, like the silent treatment, lack of affection,money anything those Minds can come up with.
  10. Because we want the person we fell in love with to come back and they know that so they become that person to hook us back in.
  11. This described my relationship in a nutshell.
  12. 👍👍👍👍👍
  13. Mine sent me this absolutely heartbreaking letter with 2,000.00 in checks in it telling me he'd help me and he wanted to help me and if ever there was anything I needed let him know blah blah blah. And if ever he had to stop he would let me know not stop abruptly. BOO HOO HOO HOO So I thanked him and cheerfully cashed the checks which went through, then he sent some more which all went through. Now it's the 12th of August and I have yet to hear from him. AND I WONT BE CONTACTING HIM ABOUT IT!