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  1. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the replies. Well a few weeks have gone by since posting this and I want to bring everyone up to date. Ive started going back to my A.A meetings as I found out he's gone off to his other life in Arizona......... Anyways I was regaled with glad you are back and glad to see you and also regaled with stories of his temper tantrums at meetings and that one meeting was thinking of getting a restraining order on him so he couldn't go anymore. I was rather shocked to hear that he had behaved so inappropriately but also rather amused and delighted 😂😂. I wasn't around he couldn't pin anything on me. I figure he didn't have his punching bag anymore (me) so he had to disperse his rage somehow so he took it out on anyone he could.
  2. Thanx for the post. Reading in Lundy Bancroft that 1% of them actually change has always stuck with me. My ex won't change and that's fine with me.
  3. Now that I've been away from the Pr$&k for 10 weeks I see things a little more clearly. Hes so insecure that he was willing to toss me aside so he could get to that next fix for his ego. He doesn't care that he hurts people, that our relationship was in jeopardy and finally ended because of his insane hunger for validation from others. Now all I have to do is keep reminding myself that I was more than enough of a person, that it's ALL HIS PROBLEM.
  4. It is a You Tube video. Yes there are a few of those things in there 👍😀
  5. Seven Things a Narcissist will say to get you back. I watched it this morning. They are so predictable.
  6. The problem is he's being a meeting hog on purpose of course. I would like to go to meetings where he isn't.
  7. What about splitting up the A.A meetings? Id just like to go to a couple where he isn't at.
  8. What about mutual friends? And we also went to the same A.A meetings together what do I do about that if I want to maintain no contact?
  9. So I was wondering what people did to start over after their relationship was over. I feel like I'm just going through the motions.
  10. Thanks Hoping 👍🤗😃
  11. đŸ˜ĸ☚ī¸
  12. Yes super good book. It was eye opening for me.
  13. Ha ha ha I love that "How we DRIVE them to do or say things." My ex told me once "The reason I talk to you that way is so you won't do it again."
  14. About the fantasy part that was why he became such a different person because that's the real him.
  15. Yes, used.