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  1. Yes and not calling and trying to fix things so it can happen all over again.
  2. I've been feeling like what did I do wrong.
  3. I'm not feeling like that I'm doing well today.
  4. I was reading yesterday in Lundys book how sometimes Abusers break up with us to punish us. Its all so crazy and twisted.
  5. Here's another question which has been dogging me. Since this "breakup" I'm out 600.00 a month from him. How does he think that money is suddenly going to reinstate itself into my life?
  6. Lying is a HUGE method of control. I know Ive just lived it for 5.5 years.
  7. Sorry for the misunderstanding it's my SIL who is married to my brother.
  8. And what he says about not getting what HE needs is sort of funny as that should be me saying that as we've never spent Christmas and New Years together because he's always spent it with his "Ex"Wife and Son in Arizona, he spends long periods of time there during the winter goes back and forth as he wants without ever consulting me on anything, says to me when he came back this time "Oh I told So and So I'd be back to babysit there dogs in March as they are going away for a week. And I said oh that on my birthday and to get away from me saying you won't come back for my birthday but you come back to babysit dogs he says "Oh that's when your birthday is? I thought it was in May."
  9. Well part of it is I "Should give him a chance to explain himself because of his overreaction because maybe there are things going on in his life that he's not talking about" according to my SIL........ "And you should end as friends because you've been together for 5.5 years and that's a RELATIONSHIP!!!!! Its not normal to rent a movie and buy a pizza and go from 0 to 100 within an hour because I'm laughing at the idiot tenant singing like Pavarotti in the livingroom with headphones on and the movie isn't working and he's having a meltdown over that and screaming at a taped recording and then turns it on me tells me to leave so I say "good idea because you are psycho right now" and then say " And don't ever come back here again because I'm not getting anything out of this relationship anymore anyways." So I say "Okay then" super calmly and take a garbage bag out of my drawer and packed my stuff still super calm and he screeches "Give me back my gas card." So I do that really calmly and take a check he had given me out of my wallet rip it up and hand it to him and then as I'm leaving with my luggage calmly say "Good overreaction,time to talk to your sponsor, do me a favour when you see me don't talk to me." And then he screeches as I'm going out the room door with my stuff "Close the door"!!!! which I DIDNT. And this isn't the first time for one of these meltdowns.
  10. Why am I feeling guilty?
  11. Why am I feeling guilty?
  12. DAY 6!!!!!!!!!!
  13. We were never on Facebook. I blocked him on my cell phone and email.
  14. How do people know if they've been blocked? Or do they?