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  1. Yesterday was my birthday. I received 2,000.00 from him. They really know how to hit below the belt.
  2. I was the punching bag for all his bad feelings and anger over everything that had nothing to do with me whatsoever.
  3. Yes it does. Thanx Quaddie.
  4. Yes I just feel totally violated in every sense of the word.
  5. Hi All, For the last couple of days I've been having this feeling of having been violated and I think I have been because the ex narcissistic abuser used to just walk all over my boundaries, me my values anything because basically he didn't give a rats butt about anything other than himself and his bottomless pit of needs. I never felt heard or that felt that my needs mattered.
  6. It's to break you down so you'll go back and he gets his control back.
  7. I blocked on my cell phone and my email and set my land line to go to voice mail after two rings. This was after I was thrown out of his house and told to NEVER come back as he wasn't getting anything out of the relationship anymore for the only apparent reason that a DVD wasn't working properly.
  8. Yes,agreed. I think he came back early on purpose. Anyways I'm going to relocate to other meetings. He's been sober 40 years BTW but alcoholism has nothing to do with Abuse.
  9. 👍👍 so true,true,true. I had gone to the Saturday Night A.A speaker meeting to get my 19 year sobriety chip and I walked in. Unfortunately he was there. I thought he wouldn't be back around for at least a couple more weeks. Anyways he was the first person to thank the speaker talking about how he has to be careful of his over reactions and how they lead to things happening that he doesn't want to have happen blah blah blah. I ignored him through the whole meeting and then got my chip and was so happy about it and then he comes over and gets in my face like AGAIN with the abusive insulting behaviour after the sweet speech his over reactions. Never did congratulate me on my anniversary.
  10. What did you mean about the Blackmail and the coercion in that letter he sent me?
  11. Had a dreadful encounter with the ex last night and I'm just so sad and upset. i can't believe how he has twisted it around and made it my fault AGAIN!!!!
  12. Well our first encounter happened tonight. He came up to me after the meeting and stood menacingly in my way and said so this is how you want it to end and I said yes. And then I said stop agreeing me and get out of my way. And he goes I meant everything I said in that card and I said oh yes I'll send that back to you along with the gas card. And again he so this is how you want this to end in this really threatening voice and I said yes,you should have thought about all this before you kicked me out of your house. and he follows along behind me and goes as soon as you knew I was retiring you figured the gravy train was over so this is why you did this. Unreal.
  13. Hi Lizzi,

    I was wondering if you could tell me where you see the coercion and blackmail?



  14. I remember when I told him I was in love with him and he said "I know." and then said nothing else. I never said it to him again.