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  1. Verbal abuse. It's a way to tear you down,keep you insecure, so he has control. If you feel like you are walking on eggshells then you are. Trust your gut.
  2. Percolate, there was nothing to disagree with 😂😂.
  3. I was wondering where that web site is on EVIL because that's what they are. I want to read the revenge part.
  4. Saw the ex drive by the meeting I was at on Wednesday,had someone tell me yesterday he was at the Saturday night meeting last Saturday for 10 mins then left. I was at a wedding. Then yesterday afternoon I get a text from him INFORMING me that he is giving someone their chip at the Saturday Night meeting so he was letting me know he was going to be there. I happily informed him I wasn't going to be there anyways as I was picking my son up at the airport. Then he proceeds to inform me that his tenant is moving out by next week and that he tried to make it clear with him it was because he should have kicked him out when he,the tenant ,freaked out on me (another Narcissist) and that I was very hurt when he didn't ( which I was). So I came back with I never did understand why you put him before me. And then he comes back with this: BECAUSE IM AN A$&$&LE, I ALWAYS HURT THE PEOPLE WHO DO THE MOST FOR ME AND WHO I LOVE THE MOST!!!!!! I SAID CANT ARGUE WITH THAT!!! 😂😂
  5. Mine used to tell me how he was different from other guys because he actually likes women. Hes actually a big woman hater.
  6. 😁😁👍👍
  7. If they become angry because you have a different opinion and start belittling you, red flag.
  8. My ex always used to say he was a guy and guys wanted to sleep with everything in sight. Moron.
  9. I'm glad I don't have to worry about any of this for awhile.
  10. I find it rather amusing actually, when I think of Mr.Cool,"If you want to look for someone else I'll understand." Jerk.
  11. So I did some reading on that site and I'm so happy to say that the day he had his last and final verbal abusive puke at me I didn't shed a tear,didn't beg him to take me back NONE of it. Just packed and walked away. It felt so great to stick it to him finally.
  12. 👍👍
  13. Well the saving grace about my attendance at meetings is I'm goijng so sporadically it will be hard for him to keep track.
  14. So Im at my meeting today and who do I see 9 minutes before the meeting is to end driving slowly by, The Ex.