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  1. Melinoe I see red flags!!! The things he said sound abusive to me. I would quit talking to him, I don't think it is worth the chance.
  2. Fluffyflea You are doing good!
  3. Quaddie That is so true.
  4. Fluffyflea That's ok, I knew what you meant. Overandout Wow, that's so sad that he was that mean to say you weren't a human or a person. blueskye When I have been to my husbands work, he is nice, patient and calm. He may not feel that way but he behaves and treats me and others nice. I look at him and think about how these people only know how he is here and how good it feels to be treated good. This is the type of person I thought I was marrying, a compassionate, caring, smart and calm person.
  5. Bennu That makes a lot of sense. They seem to think it is so difficult. Vickeee Thank you saying that. Fluffyflea, I hardly ever want intimacy. Mine has driven crazy to get back at other drivers. He also has embarrassed me in front of friends and family and my daughter and I didn't want to go with him business/vacation to Disney World one time because he was such a pain.
  6. blueskye Yes that is how I feel. When he does it over and over again it really gets to me.
  7. whitebutterfly Yes it does, Of course as you saw I question myself about if he meant it that way. I plan on asking him when I am reading to deal with what he might say.
  8. Quaddie He can be such an angry impatient person.
  9. lizziebethak Your are right, as long as I stay he will continue to aggravate me. He slows down for awhile, then he is back to it again.
  10. I agree with the posts above. He is abusive and you are only trying to protect yourself. I don't think he is safe to be around and I also think you should leave. Hugs
  11. For the last week or so my husband has been asking me if I did so or so. He ask if I left his computer case open. I said yes before I thought about how he probably had taken it to work that night. I knew he wasn't happy with me, and then I ask him if he had taken it to work, to which he said yes. I then told him that I had been in it earlier for the cord but didn't I didn't touch it since he brought it home, so I told him he could gripe at himself instead of me. There were several other things I can't remember right now, but he would joke and say well I'll blame it on you anyway. This has really been aggravating me. I am so sick of hearing him blame me even jokingly for things I didn't do, his angry and critical tone is bad enough when I have done it. Today when I was trimming his hair he said he wished I would touch him more. I told him if he would quit blaming for doing things, then I might. He said that he wasn't perfect and I shouldn't expect him to be. What? Did he not get what I was saying to him? I wish I would have said, " If you would quit being so hateful to me when I do things or when I don't do things and you think I have then I might touch you more. Either he didn't understand or he is telling me that I shouldn't expect him to try and be nice to me because he is not perfect. If he did understand, he could at least say I will try. If this is what he is saying, this is not right. So, he is saying I am being unfair to him, for expecting him to treat me nice. When he gets angry at me for doing or not doing things I feel like it is like a chicken that is pecking at me. It's like a chicken that will peck on me and then stop, then again, then stop. He does this same aggravating thing over and over again. Thanks for listening
  12. MorningGlory I can understand what you are saying.
  13. 6245 What is a port ploy? I haven't heard of that before.
  14. clurichaun I have thought of that and for now I can deal with him. I don't know about a month from now.
  15. bluesky Thank you for your advise. Your right, I need to say what I want and as you said how he reacts will tell a lot. Thank you