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Little Men



So, here I am in a kindergarten class and the teacher announces it's time to stop playing with the toys and move on to another activity. All the other kids move with ease; however, one boy begins to pout and begins to go into what lasted as a 20 minute tantrum one of which I've never seen before in all my 40 years. The teacher calmly walks over to the boy and asked him to use his words. Oh boy did he! He used not only HIS words, but words I'm sure he'd heard from someone who was not of the kindergarten persuasion. The whole time I'm watching in amazement and it struck me. This was the exact same thing that happens at my home except my kindergartner was a grown man. Sometimes I feel like it's the calm before the storm. Everything can be running smooth and then BOOM! The temper tantrum begins! I thought is was so ironic; the commonality between this Little Man and the Little Boy.


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I can relate to this. It is calm in my home today. It is so nice, but I know not to trust him. I'm wondering when he will get mad at me or something and throw a fit.

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Hello. I simply had to respond to your post Novacaine. I am looking forward to the days VERY SOON that I will have finally extricated my life from the 51 year old Toddler that I have had both the pleasures and tormented trials of feeding and caring for, for too many years.

Indeed, little boys who throw tantrums can grow into men who still do as well. In fact in both my personal AND professional experience little boy's un-attended tears, and screams that no one listens to will often manifest into both bullets (literal and figurative) and screams that WILL DEMAND TO BE HEARD later. When the little boy's un-attended anger catches up with his bigger and stronger and ultimately dangerous "little Man's body, we all will hear them finally and they WILL get the attention they didn't when they most needed it.

I work with boys and have survived a man that were very similar and very sad. I can't help the "Little Man" but I will help the little boys! JMO

I'm new here. I am grateful that there is a place with such strong, intelligent and obviously beautiful women AND men that have survived and are striving TO KEEP LIVING!

Love, Spuffy.

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