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About $$ again...

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Had a huge blow up that escalated in front of D6 who was watching Rudolph. I feel like the biggest POS for ruining her movie

I shouldn't have engaged - I should have KNOWN where the conversation was going to lead - it was about $$, of course.

Didn't know he spent hundreds of dollars buying hunting gear (through PayItLater) - saw the first, unexpected payment go out today. I had planned on paying some bills...what got my hackles up was him not telling me - I pay the bills - so I could be prepared. I did get on him about the $$$ he has spent this year on hunting. It just seems so excessive to me. Maybe I am in the wrong - Idk...but then:

Got verbally abused to the nth degree (F-U b-word, F-U, stupid b-word)...all in front of D6.

Then on to the entitlement speech: He doesn't have to tell me s**t. He can spend $$ whenever & however he likes...I always question every $ he spends...SOS, different day

So, after all this, he says he is leaving - getting his own place. He's "tired of my s**t". Repeats this when D15 comes downstairs to tell us off for fighting during the movie. Says he's leaving at the first of the year. I tell him 'why not sooner?'

D15 is in her room...put D6 to bed - he's in bed. Idk...thought things were finally getting a little better, in general. Came home & he had put up the Christmas tree for D6...put some decorations out. But then I had to ask about the $$ going out the door...and all hell breaks loose - over $$.

He doesn't care - it's just my fault. I'm not suppose to question what he spends his money on. Maybe I shouldn't - it's not my place. I get mad though that there is so much to do around the house - so much we could be doing to maintain our aging vehicles...but it's his right to spend $1500+ in 3 months on hunting :( He wouldn't care even if I told him I think the $$ could be better spent on other issues. It's his right..and he is right that it is his right to spend money. I don't have to agree with it though - so the question is, what do I do? Idk...I really don't. I'd become complacent again and let my walls down, so I'm hurt - my heart & head hurt. I know he doesn't care. But sometimes what he says makes sense...just b/c I don't spend $$ on myself...why shouldn't he? Isn't that my problem?

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